Bent Liner - EB 19

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If you have problems applying liner, this bent brush will solve all your problems. The ferrule is conveniently angled so that you can apply gel or liquid liner without having your view obstructed by the brush head. The tip of the brush was created to be dense and pointed to give you a clean line.

Tip: Dampen the bristles of the brush before you apply liner to always have a super clean line.

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By Vanessa from France, livry-gargan on 12/8/2013 12:01:04 PM

Je suis fan de Sedona Lace!!!!

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I have the Sonia Kashuk version and I hated it, but this is LOVE!

By MyLuckyPenny from California on 7/24/2013 10:07:53 PM

As said above, I tried the "bent liner brush" hype, and I'm a self proclaimed brush junkie... I own affordable brushes from drug stores to high-end ones from my Hakuhodu S100 series... MAC is average quality to me now, but I find this company's quality to be on the same par. Anyways, I am used to using either my Louise Young pointed liner brush or my MAC 263 angled brush (both of which I love) but I am always on the hunt for new tools to master. The SL bent liner brush has a shorter bent ferrule thank the SK equivalent which makes maneuvering it easier and a brush shape I once thought was mediocre and useless is now easy to use and user-friendly. I've been successfully converted to a fan of this brush type.

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