Synthetic Concealer Brush - 954

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This brush has a classic multi-purpose shape for applying everything from shadow to concealer. Use it flat to pack on color or use it on it’s tip to fit into tight corners. The pink and black colors on the bristles is a registered trademark of Sedona Lace.

Tip: This brush has a great shape for tracing the brows with concealer for a clean, arched look.

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Great Lip Brush for Fuller Lips!

By Carla N. from DFW, TX on 9/19/2014 6:41:20 PM

This is a great, high-quality brush that works wonderfully to apply liquid lip colors to my full lips. Standard lip brushes are fine for outlining, but apply color in streaks. The 954 is small (about .25 " across) and firm enough for precision, but soft enough that, when turned on its flat side, it lays the color down smoothly and evenly. The handle is just the right length and weight, and I love that the bristles of this brush are synthetic. The price is right, too. I love this so much that I may buy it in multiples, to use with different colors.

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Use as an eyeshader brush?!

By Kelsey from on 6/28/2013 9:48:12 PM

I don't have much to work with on my lid. I have fairly small lids. I prefer this brush for eyeshadow more than anything!!! I think it is amazing and I cannot use another brush!!

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